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Susan Oliver is an award-winning photographer based in Cape Coral, FL.

There are days I feel the call or nudge to leave my home with my camera. These are days that I feel some kind of magic that I cannot accurately describe.....I just know there is something special and ethereal out there that I do not want to miss. 

I am fortunate to live where I do.  When I arrive onsite, the birds almost look like they are waiting for me, perched on tree branches and posts. They pose and preen, sometimes looking back at me and my really long, heavy lens that my chiropractor says I need to give up, but I won't.  I can't.

There are other days I go out seeking magic but it surprises me by showing up where I didn't expect it.  A bald eagle in a tree. Kayaking to a rookery island that turns into a fantastic lightening display.  Who am I to complain?  

I want others to see the magic that I do. I want others to see the bird - the bird that is showing off for the camera - and to care about that bird.   The ultimate compliment to me is "I never paid attention to birds or nature until I saw your photos. Now I find myself watching birds in my backyard that I previously ignored."

After my photographic excursions using my Canon R5, I enjoy culling through many photos looking for those that captured the moment as I saw it.   Those I select are then edited in Lightroom, Photoshop and/or Topaz. I have found that printing my photos on high-quality metal displays the vibrancy that I wish to portray. I do also print on canvas and paper.

I have a B.S degree in Mathematics from The Ohio State University, and after many years of managing analytical departments, left corporate America in favor of more creative and independent pursuits.


I am also a musician, now currently playing french horn with the Gulf Coast Symphony and Gulf Coast Chamber Orchestra.

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