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Susan Oliver is an award-winning photographer based in Cape Coral, Florida.

Coming up with an artist statement is difficult for me.  Being called a visual artist is not something I would have anticipated a few decades ago.  I am a retired data geek with a Math degree and am used to living in a left-brain world.  


My interest in photography began when I won an instamatic camera in a bingo game at age 13, but was not able to devote myself to photography until I retired from my corporate career.

My photographic journey truly began after purchasing an entry-level DLSR over a decade ago . I primarily am self-taught, developing my own style while trying to recreate other photographs and styles that I admired.  My love of animals, the outdoors and travel made easy subjects for me.  My style evolved to where I primarily make candid images, whether it be the lives of families on balconies in Old Havana, or of a reddish egret doing its frenetic dance to capture its dinner.  My happy place is anywhere there is a pelican.

As for what is my motivation, I am hoping my photos help people to care.....that there's a population of animals out there who depend on the decisions of humans.  And that cats make superb pets!

I also love to photograph families coming together in the beautiful locale we have in SWFL. Photographing grandparents and their families visiting from all over the world is a joy to both witness and photograph, capturing life long memories!

My photography has been shown at the Alliance for the Arts, the News-Press and WINK News. My artwork is part of medical office remodels in our local area. I was the Featured Artist of the Month for November 2020 at the Harbour View Gallery in Cape Coral, and now display my work permanently at the Harbour View Gallery as an Associate Artist.

As a photographer who learned her craft later in life, I love to help others do the same, and have served as a photography instructor for various organizations.  I learned on a Nikon, but later switched to Canon and now primarily shoot on my Canon R5.


I also am a musician, and play french horn with the Gulf Coast Symphony, and photographed each pet in the 2020 Gulf Coast Symphony Calendar.

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